Apr 4, 2024
Puma’s Sauces & Spices Launches “Hole in a Wall” Hot Sauce

For Immediate Release.

Are you a Hot Sauce lover like me? If so, then this story is for you.

Now, I love to test my palette against various hot sauces but not only for the heat but for flavor. Very few captured my taste buds so I decided to create my own. Now this hot sauce was my personal experiment and was not intended for anyone. Actually I kept this secret for some time. I wanted a hot sauce that was full of flavor and not one that just burned my tongue.

Here at Puma’s Italian Ice & Hot Dog Shack located at 115 East Richardson Avenue in Summerville we create some of the wildest hot dogs you can possibly imagine from our Homemade Chili to Peanut Butter, Fluff & Whipped Cream. The menu has grown to over 100+ combinations. (view our menu here).

Now, our amazing customers, who are like family to us, began to ask if we had a hot sauce that was not one of the usual suspects – not mentioning any names here but you know which ones and after countless nights, I finally decided to allow our customers to sample our creation. We were nervous as this is was created from personal preference for private consumption.

The response was incredible & very humbling.

WOW! I was NOT alone.

Turns out, many folks were on the hunt for a Hot Sauce that not only burned their tongue but was full of body & flavor. Fast forward a few months, we began bottling the hot sauce in house but the demand was overwhelming & we could not keep up so we decided that we should bottle this recipe the right way and bring it to market.

So we did – but what do we call it… Oh man, another decisions to make… hahaha.

Since our customers were such a huge part of this process and pushing us out of our comfort zone it only felt right to include them in the naming of the hot sauce, so we held an online “name that hot sauce” contest. With over 100 entries and waiting almost 1 year to get through the bottling process, we finally delivered our first round to market – introducing Puma’s “Hole in the Wall” Hot Sauce. The name Puma’s “Hole in the Wall” Hot Sauce has some serious significance to it and if you have visited our store then you will know. Come on by and check us out – we love greeting family.

Here we are now in April 2024, with a booth at the Summerville’s Farmer’s Market debuting Puma’s “Hole in the Wall” Hot Sauce.

We are so blessed and we thank you Donna (contest winner) & all of our extended family!

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Dec 22, 2023
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